About this site

Lets face it...
Because of The COVID19 Pandemic,
After March 2020, and beyond
Our world will never be the same.
From Hospital care, to Schools, to Shopping for everything, and doing any kind of business,and even going to work!
Our world has suddenly changed into a more reclusive situation.
These days more people just want to do their shopping, and their business online. (We are all trying to stay healthy, and safe. Who wants to wear a mask if they don't have to?)
I sell clothes, and embellishment services, funny t shirts, Avon, and Tupperware.. 
If your like me, trying to get your business noticed online, I've got an option for you. 
Send me a message with your name, email, and website link information on it, and I'll put it up on this website for free. 
All I ask is for you to make a small pleasant comment about this website, and post the link on your facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other Social Media you use once a week.
By doing this, hopefully we will have more shoppers on our sites.
Everyone can get their shopping sites seen by more customers.
We can help customers find what they need.
We can make more sales.
We can help keep our economy moving. 
If you've got something to sell, or share with the world, give us your info, and lets get you noticed.
Don't forget to share this site too, so we can all benefit. 
It's a win win for everyone.
I hope to be shopping on your website soon.
Thank You.
Elsie Wilson
This Website is a compilation of links, making it easy to order the products you need online. 
If you have a website you sell on, send your link to us, and We will put it up here for you.



Elsie Wilson
E-mail: ejshealthy_living@aol.com

Niles MI